Sunday, February 26, 2012



Take part in this contest and earn money..

What is contest: If you are any type of blog or website owner,you have best opportunity to earn money from taking part in to this contest.

You just have to place Banner code of ADFREEPOST classified in to your blog or website that you own.

Then, Send your Blog/site name on  subject : "AFP contest" and i will verify site if banner placed on your site or not.

After i will send you mail of approval of your site then you will have to send your payment details to me on same email ID. (SEE RULES BELOW)

How to Earn money?: you will earn money by Banner clicked of Adfreepost classified from your site.

Rate: If your site have huge traffic you can earn even more, the rate per click you will earn described below.

$0.02 -(per click) -       1 to 100 clicks 
$0.03 -(per click) -   100 to 150 clicks
$0.05 -(per click) -   200 to 300 clicks
(more clicks more earning rate)
How Clicks counted: There is tracker system of every click generated from your site and payment will be decided as per performance.

You can show your sites and clicks by clicking Here

-Currently Payments will be sent by Alertpay  and Bank Transfer (for India only) , Paypal will be soon.
-You will get payment twice per month, 1st and 15th of the month.
-Minimum payment is $1 and for Bank transfer is Rs.100
-your payment will be converted Dollar to Rupees if you want to get payment by Bank Transfer.

If you have any question feel free to contact.


  1. send me full plan on or call me 9327333330 Amit Bhagatwala Surat (Gujarat) INDIA.

  2. I have sent you details on your mail,please check it.